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Handmade Ceramic Cup

Classes on demand

Schedule your one-on-one class at your convenience! Call the studio, or stop by, to set up your own private, on-demand class on your schedule.




Plan for about 3 hours of crafting and creating when you schedule your class. 

All class fees include: Instruction, studio and firing fees, and all the supplies you’ll need to bring home a gorgeous, handcrafted work of art.

Crackle Project 1_edited_edited.jpg

Crackle Vases 

$38/Small Vase, $45/Large Vase

Learn how to create stunning effects with the simple, yet breath taking addition of crackle glazes to your pieces. 

Express Yourself Mugs


Nothing starts the day better than enjoying your favorite beverage out of your favorite mug. Create a one of kind mug with us that speaks joy to you with this fun and easy class. 

Express Yourself Mug_edited.jpg
6 layer Mug.HEIC

Six Layer Travel Mug


Six Layers!!! Create these unbelievable, functional works of art with our six layer technique on your new favorite to-go mug.

Layered Elements Canister



Add a touch of lovely to your kitchen countertop with your handcrafted Elements Canister. Play with layering and unexpected color combinations with this fun technique and create a beautiful piece of functional art.

Raku Painting


Raku Hummingbird.JPG

Come pick and paint your Raku piece at your leisure. We can help you with techniques like taping and wax resist, details and ideas. Leave your piece to be fired, or come back to watch the fire show during our next Raku class.


Silkscreen Plates


Kick your plates up that extra notch with Silkscreen Glaze Medium. Choose from a variety of patterns and color options to create something beautiful.


Gazing Ball


Create a mesmerizing piece for your home or garden with the dirty pour technique on a gazing ball. The class is blast, but be prepared to get a little messy.

First part of the class is done with the help of one of our incredible associates. Then paint the stand at your leisure.

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